This Week’s New Game Spotlights for 11/18/15

 Amazing Spider-Man Dicemasters Swings into Third Eye This Week!

We’re huge fans of the WIZKIDS game DICEMASTERS, which is a super fun, and super quick game that just about anyone can pick up and play, so we’re amped to see the latest Dicemasters expansion arriving this week with the one and only friendly neighborhood Spider-Man taking center stage!

We’ll have plenty of booster packs, and starter sets in stock beginning Wednesday 11/18/15!


Get the ultimate EL GRANDE experience with the EL GRANDE BIG BOX this week!

There’s something that’s just so cool about a good old school board game, and El Grande is a must-play for fans killer Eurogames!

In El Grande, players take on the roles of Grandes in medieval Spain. The king’s power is flagging, and these powerful lords are vying for control of the various regions. To that end, you draft caballeros (knights in the form of meeples) into your court and subsequently move them onto the board to help seize control of regions. After every third round, the regions are scored, and after the ninth round, the player with the most points is the winner.

In each of the nine rounds, you select one of your 13 power cards to determine turn order as well as the number of caballeros you get to move from the provinces (general supply) into your court (personal supply).

A turn then consists of selecting one of five action cards which allow variations to the rules and additional scoring opportunities in addition to determining how many caballeros to move from your court to one or more of the regions on the board (or into the castillo—a secretive tower). Normally, you may only place your caballeros into regions adjacent to the one containing the king’s pawn. The one hard and fast rule in El Grande is that nothing may move into or out of the king’s region. One of the five action cards that is always available each round allows you to move the king to a new region. The other four action cards vary from round to round.

The goal is to have a majority of caballeros in as many regions (and the castillo) as possible during a scoring round. Following the scoring of the castillo, you place any meeples you had stashed there into the region you had secretly indicated on your region dial. Each region is then scored individually according to a table printed in that region. Two-point bonuses are awarded for having sole majority in the region containing your Grande (large meeple) and in the region containing the king.

El Grande Big Box, the 20th anniversary edition of El Grande, includes all previously published expansions: Grand Inquisitor & ColoniesGrandissimoKing & IntrigantKing & Intrigant: Players’ Edition and King & Intrigant: Special Cards as well as something currently known only as the “Anniversary Extension”.

Ghostbusters Board Game hits this week, delivering a super-fun riff on the Ghostbusters!


The minis look great, and the game itself is very reminiscent of games like ZOMBICIDE!

Super fun, super cool take on the theme, and some very deep gameplay — you need this!


MUNCHKIN delivers two perfect stocking stuffers!

You know what makes a great stocking stuffer? A pack of awesome cards. What makes an even better stocking stuffer? A pack of cards from the fine folks at STEVE JACKSON GAMES!

We’ve got both MUNCHKIN UNDEAD booster packs, and MUNCHKIN STOCKING STUFFERS packs in stock this week for you to hook your fellow Munchkins up this holiday season!


In Runebound, you take on up to three rivals in a contest to become the most renowned hero and save the realm.

You and your rival heroes will adventure throughout Terrinoth, battling monsters, navigating tense social encounters, and exploring lost ruins and forgotten forests.

As you adventure, your hero gains power, develops skills, and acquires powerful weapons, before using them to take on a deadly opponent in a climactic final battle. Only the mightiest hero will be remembered forever!

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