This Week’s Game Spotlights at Third Eye for 8/24/16

Magic the Gathering Conspiracy: Take the Throne releases this Friday!

Join us on Saturday 8/27/16 for our huge MTG: Conspiracy Take the Throne Booster Draft Event!

We LOVE the concept behind the MTG: Conspiracy sets, and this week a brand new one drops with the arrival of MAGIC THE GATHERING: TAKE THE THRONE!

We’ll have plenty of booster boxes and booster packs available for you to hook yourself up and get ready for our huge MTG Conspiracy Take the Crown Booster Draft this Saturday!

What’s the scoop on MTG: Conspiracy?

Add deeper layers of intrigue to your next Magic draft and begin plotting as soon as you open your first booster pack! The Conspiracy – Take the Crown set builds on the revolutionary abilities introduced in the original Conspiracy set, with new cards that affect the draft itself and new conspiracies that twist the rules against your foes. Trade votes and spread your attacks to manipulate the game in your favor. Seize the crown to give yourself a greater edge – if you can keep it. How will you plot your way to the throne?
This set is designed for eight-player drafts followed by free-for-all games of three to five players each.

Click here for full info on our MAGIC THE GATHERING Conspiracy Take the Throne Draft

Our SEPTEMBER Event Calendar is LIVE! Check it out!

Tons of fun events this month – check it out!

We’ve got our SEPTEMBER event calendars up now! Go check ’em out, and find out what we’ve got cooking at Third Eye this month!

And, don’t forget, print calendars are in-store now – swing by & scoop your’s

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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Board Game arrives courtesy of MUNCHKIN publisher STEVE JACKSON GAMES!!

We LOVE Bill and Ted. We love Steve Jackson Games. So, as you can imagine: we’re pretty excited about the new BILL AND TED board game!

Strange things are afoot in Bill & Ted`s Excellent Boardgame! Collect personages of historical significance in order to pass your oral history report.

But, beware! Every time you bag someone, the phone booth breaks most-heinously, and your adventure through time will take a most serious turn! Be excellent to each other…and Party On, Dudes!


Our Magic the Gathering Commander League Debuts this Sunday!

When one of our Third Eye Faithful, Kory Horn, proposed an awesome new COMMANDER LEAGUE event to run alongside our normal Commander events every week, we jumped at the chance, and this week, the fun continues!

Players will be able to earn Commander Points through achievements all Season, then compete for the title of Third Eye Commander Champion!
– Players have score sheets at Third Eye Games and Hobbies!
– Players earn points and check off achievements (for everything from ‘helping another player build their 1st deck’, to ‘bringing a new player’, to ‘attacking with 100 total power’ to many others!)
– Points are counted and posted every few weeks
– Top XX players will play off at a championship
There’s no cost to enter.
If you already participate in COMMANDER every week at Third Eye, you will also earn points for the Commander League in our regular Sunday commander events, AND, for those of you participating in our regular Sunday Commander events, we’ll be giving you raffle tickets for each weekly session, so that you can win some rad Third Eye door prizes at the Commander League Championship event, ranging from free t-shirts to Third Eye playmats and more!
We’ll have some rad prize support available, including altered art cards by incredbly talented artists like Kevin Lepage (Kevin Altered) and Kristy Nash (Main Phase Alters)!
Other prizes include Third Eye playmats, and other cool swag!
Click here for event info


Third Eye Faithful, wanna score some sick loot and kill a ton of monsters along the way?

Join us for our weekly DUNGEONS & DRAGON’S ADVENTURER’S LEAGUE night, which is part of the Wizards of the Coast ORGANIZED PLAY network for DnD!
Make sure you come out, warm up your dice, and take part in the fun!
Click here for the event info!

This Friday is FNM: Modern and Standard play! Get

With the growing popularity of our FNM events, and due to popular demand, we’re going to be offering WEEKLY Modern and Standard play events at Third Eye’s Friday Night Magic!

The fun continues this Friday, and now, every week, you can take part in MODERN & STANDARD at our FNM events!

Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK!


Conspiracy-BannerThis Thursday night is our MAGIC THE GATHERING Conspiracy Special Edition draft featuring the original CONSPIRACY set!

For this special edition of Thursday Night Magic we’re bring back the original CONSPIRACY as we get pumped to check out the new CONSPIRACY: TAKE THE CROWN when it drops later in the week.
CONSPIRACY is an older for-drafting Magic The Gathering set that has a bunch of special cards that actually affect the way a draft works! That means on top of drafting the best cards for your deck you’re going to be facing unforseen challenges along the way too.
Click here for the event info!

Join us this Sunday for our special How to be A Dungeon Master Workshop!

Love DUNGEONS & DRAGONS? Looking to sharpen your skills as a DUNGEON MASTER, or maybe get your feet wet by learning how to DM yourself?

We’ll have our totally awesome Adventurer’s League main man, JESSE TUDELA, on hand to help show you the ropes!

He and other DMs who often join us at our events will be sharing their experiences learning ADVENTURER’S LEAGUE for the first time!

He’ll also be going over how to prep for the first session, how to get over the normal concerns of preparing for a million scenarios that may or may not occur, and much more!

And, finally, they’ll be covering things like how to work under time constraints, and run a season!

If you’re a DM that DMs at our store – and would love to come help Jesse out by sharing your experiences with other DMs, then please join us for this super fun event!

Click here for the event info

Come join the game & have fun with us!

Make sure to click here and check out our full event calendar!