This Week’s Game Spotlights at Third Eye for 12/21/16

1/6/17 – Start the New Year with our special FRIDAY NIGHT MASTERS Eternal Masters Draft!

Third Eye Faithful, you are awesome – we’ve really been stoked about the super vibrant and fun community that’s grown with our weekly FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC events, and we’re going to continue to add cool stuff to make them even more fun!

To celebrate the New Year, we have something special planned. In addition to our Modern and Standard Tournaments, we are going to run two pods of draft featuring Eternal Masters!

The fun doesn’t stop there; everyone who comes out for any of the three FNM events will receive a special Third Eye Token. Everyone who snags a spot in the Eternal Masters Draft will Receive a Third Eye Games T-shirt.

Click here for the event info & full details on the event (including how many spaces we’ll have available for the Masters draft, etc.)

Join us 1/13 – 1/15 for our MAGIC THE GATHERING: AETHER REVOLT 72 Hour Pre-Release Weekend Extravaganza!

We’re SO pumped for AETHER, Third Eye Faithful!
This set looks to be one of the most exciting we’ve seen in a minute, and it’s loaded with a ton of awesome cards!
We’re hosting a very special PRE-RELEASE Weekend extravaganza to celebrate!
We’ll be kicking off after FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC ON 1/13, and running a special MIDNIGHT event, and then continuing the fun on Saturday and Sunday!
Read on at the link below for full details!
Click here for the event info!

The new X-WING: Rogue One Miniatures Game Sets are here!

You know us, Third Eye Faithful: we’re big-time STAR WARS fans, and are totally excited about the new flick: ROGUE ONE!

So, it’s safe to say — we’re on the edge of our seats with excitement about the new ROGUE ONE X-Wing Miniatures that just came out!

We’ve got plenty of both the TIE STRIKER & the U-WING in stock to get you started with these killer sets!


Our JANUARY Event Calendar is LIVE! Check it out!

Tons of fun events this month – check it out!

We’ve got our JANUARY event calendars up now! Go check ’em out, and find out what we’ve got cooking at Third Eye this month!

And, don’t forget, print calendars are in-store now – swing by & scoop your’s

Click here to check out the calendar!


Third Eye Faithful, wanna score some sick loot and kill a ton of monsters along the way?

Join us for our weekly DUNGEONS & DRAGON’S ADVENTURER’S LEAGUE night, which is part of the Wizards of the Coast ORGANIZED PLAY network for DnD!
Make sure you come out, warm up your dice, and take part in the fun!
This week, our Adv League crew is rolling up characters and getting things ready for the next season featuring STORM KING’S THUNDER!
Click here for the event info!

This Friday is FNM: Modern and Standard play! Get the November FIERY TEMPER Promo card!

With the growing popularity of our FNM events, and due to popular demand, we’re going to be offering WEEKLY Modern and Standard play events at Third Eye’s Friday Night Magic!

The fun continues this Friday, and now, every week, you can take part in MODERN & STANDARD at our FNM events!

Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK!

Saturday 1/7/17 is our next HOBBY DAY event! Learn how to paint miniatures & get a FREE model to start you off!

All right, Third Eye Faithful, are you ready for something new?! Today we’re beginning to explore the world of hobby painting and war games.

Whether you’re brand new to the game or have been painting for years, we’ve got something for you!

Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK!


LITTLE CUP is a format for Dice Masters where each player constructs their team using ONLY COMMON AND STARTER SET cards.


Click here for the event info!



Come join the game & have fun with us!

Make sure to click here and check out our full event calendar!