Sat 4/28/18: International TableTop Day 2018 at Third Eye!

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It’s that time of year again, Third Eye Faithful! Time to get your dice-rolling and card-throwing on in a big way!

Once a year, we get to celebrate our love of all things tabletop gaming with INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY, and this year, we’re trying to make TABLETOP DAY even bigger than the ones that have preceded it!

We’ve got a TON of fun stuff on the way for you at TABLETOP DAY this year, including a special guest appearance by the designers of the killer board game MIXTAPE MASSACRE as they showcase the upcoming expansion, BLACK MASQUE!

So, read on, Third Eye Faithful, and get stoked!


OK, so first off, we’ll be hosting a TON of game demos from Team Third Eye throughout the day, but we’ve got an extra special one as the entire design team of the killer board game, MIXTAPE MASSACRE, will be running their upcoming new expansion BLACK MASQUE for you!

Swing by, meet the crew behind the game, maybe get your copy signed even, and try out the new BLACK MASQUE expansion!



LOONEY LABS (FLUXX) joins us for TABLETOP DAY for their Get the MacGuffin Raffle Tournament as well as play-testing STAR TREK FLUXX & STAR TREK TNG FLUXX!

We’re huge fans of all the games that the folks at LOONEY LABS produce, and when the opportunity to involve them in our TABLETOP DAY celebration came up – we jumped at it!

They’ll be showing off their game GET THE MACGUFFIN with a special LOONEY LABS-hosted tournament!

Each finalist will win a copy of TINY FLUXX!

In addition, they’ll have tables going where they’ll be hosting playtesting for STAR TREK and STAR TREK TNG FLUXX!


Celebrate the release of MTG: Dominara with our FILL & FIRE Drafts !

Guess what, Third Eye Faithful? The most anticipated MTG set in, like, FOREVER, drops the same weekend as TABLETOP DAY, and you know we had to do something extra cool to help celebrate, right?

So, we’ll be hosting FILL & FIRE Drafts starting at 12PM, where $20 can give you a chance to win a full sealed box of DOMINARA!



And just like years past, we’ll be offering tons of rad TABLETOP DAY swag while supplies last! While our pals at Geek & Sundry haven’t announced everything yet, we do know from last year that they totally deliver the goods when it comes to hooking up the swag!

This year, we’ll have some rad exclusive items available for purchase!

  • SPARKLE*KITTY Exclusive expansion pack
  • Sagrada Promos
  • Wonderland by Renegade Games
  • Action Cats TableTop Day Expansion
  • ITTD Promo Pack from Fireside Games


Save 20% OFF on ALL Games & RPGs!

Ok, so you guys know us — we like to make these things even more fun than you know they’re already going to be, and we figured what better way to celebrate the awesome that is TABLETOP DAY than by hooking you guys up with some sweet deals!

So, for one day only, you can save 20% OFF on all board games, card games (excluding sealed boxes of trading card games), and role-playing games!