Third Eye’s Rumble in Ravnica – The Ravnica Pre-Release World Tour Part Deux!

Third Eye Faithful, you helped make our GUILDS OF RAVNICA pre-release weekend our biggest pre-release yet — and now, our pals at Wizards of the Coast have raised the ante, and made it possible for us to help accommodate even more of you for the upcoming RAVNICA ALLEGIANCE pre-release event!

That’s right, and we could not be more stoked to be able to help give you even more chances to score sick loot, crush the competition, and best of all — have a great time playing Magic with your pals at Third Eye!

And, just cause we like to really make things extra special at Third Eye, if you come dressed up as any of your favorite Guilds — we’ll throw you something extra special as a little surprise for helping make the event a tad more festive! 😉

Pre-Register now for our RAVNICA ALLEGIANCE World Tour Pre-Release Super Weekender! Sign up for SUPER WEEKENDER & GET ALL 5 GUILDS!

You wanna pre-register, right? And, you know you wanna guarantee you get in on all 5 guild kits, right?

To read all about our WORLD TOUR Super Weekender package click here.


Pre-Register for all of our other GUILDS OF RAVNICA Pre-Release Events!

And of course, for those of you who can’t dedicate a weekend to raging in Ravnica with us, that’s OK, we’ve put together TONS of great PRE-RELEASE fun you can still get in on!






Come to any of our PRE-RELEASE events in any Ravnica Guild-related cosplay (or heck, ANY MTG Cosplay!) and score something rad!

So, here’s a secret: we’re probably all gonna be dressing up as our favorite guilds during pre-release weekend…. I know, I know,  spoilers, right?

Seriously though, we don’t want to feel awkward decked out to the nines — so we’ve put together a special surprise for those of you who dress up and join in on the fun!

Just see one of us at the judge’s center, show off your Cosplay (and hey, maybe make it onto the Third Eye INSTAGRAM!), and we’ll hook you up with a little extra surprise!


PRE-ORDER RAVNICA ALLEGIANCE Booster Boxes for just $99.99 until 1/12/19! GUILDS OF RAVNICA releases on 1/25/19

OK, OK, so one more awesome thing for the RAVNICA ALLEGIANCE… we’re going to hook you up with a sick pre-order discount when you pre-order your booster box at any Third Eye location prior to 1/12/19!

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