Third Eye Games 3 Year Anniversary Sale featuring special guests & more!

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Hey Third Eye Faithful.. it’s hard to believe that Third Eye Games & Hobbies has been around for THREE years now!

Now, three years on, while there’s still a ton of things we’ve got in the works to improve the store, we gotta say: because of YOU, Third Eye Faithful, Third Eye Games and Hobbies has become the kind of game store we were hoping it would be: a fun, inviting place for gamers of all experience levels and walks of life to connect and share in the joy and community of gaming.

We’re not gonna lie; it makes us a little teary eyed to see how much we’ve grown.  Much of that is because of you all!  Your enthusiasm, passion and loyal support is what’s helped us grow into the crazy awesome Third Eye Games we are now, and we wanted to do something extra special to THANK YOU for this.

On 10/20/18, we’ll be doing a very special one-day only ANNIVERSARY SALE event where we’ll be putting nearly everything in the store on sale, and inviting a few AMAZING creators in for game demos and a few other surprises!


Our favorite ’80s horror movie inspired board game, MIXTAPE MASSACRE returns!Play the game, get it signed, and take home a copy!

We saw how much you all LOVED the guys and gals behind MIXTAPE MASSACRE last year, so we had to bring em in for another round!  And lets be real; What’s more appropriate for this time of year than a board game based on 1980s slasher films?

So, we’ve got the team coming in again to show you how to play this super fun game, and heck – they’ll even sign a copy for you if you scoop it!



Our favorite ’80s horror movie inspired board game, MIXTAPE MASSACRE returns!Play the game, get it signed, and take home a copy!

Warriors of the Crystal is a brand new trading card game took inspiration from Final Fantasy and other turn-based JRPGs.

The game takes the style battle, and puts it into card form. Fight with a party of three Units based on classing RPG classes like Knight, Wizard, and Paladin. Use Combat Cards to inflict high damage, Crystal Cards to set up strategy, and sent Ambush Cards like traps to curb any foe’s plans.

The world of Warriors of the Crystal expands with music, books, and maps, with expansions in the wings ready to expand the lore and game play in new, exciting ways.

There will be demos running of the game throughout the day so make sure to come out and get into it!


Battlegrounds is a deceptively simple game that has strategic depth yet to be fully discovered!

Battlegrounds is a 1v1 game where each player selects an army of 10 Token Terrors with no more than 6 of one type.

Through strategic choices, well-timed attacks and smart use of each Token Talent players try to outmaneuver and outwit their opponent until one player destroys all of the other players Tokens, reigning victorious.

This pocket sized puzzler will get your brain going, is fast paced, fun and flavored with the sword and sorcery aesthetic gamers crave!

The guys behind Battlegrounds will be at the store demo-ing the game throughout the day!


treasureHUGE One-Day Only Sale!

We’ll be hosting a HUGE one-day only sale event to help celebrate the TWO year anniversary of Third Eye Games, and here’s a look at some of the specials we’ve got cooking:

  • 20% OFF ALL RPGs
  • 15% OFF ALL MTG Singles

Other surprises to be announced!


Be one of the first 20 in line and receive a FREE Third Eye Beholder Tee!

Missed on scooping one of these bad boys at BAYHOLDER CON??  Have no fear!  We’re rolling em back out, and we’re giving them away FREE to the first 20 in line!

We know you guys love to line up, and we LOVE it when ya do!  So hop in line, meet some friends, and grab one of these iconic tees!