Ultimate Masters Draft Weekend at Third Eye!

Third Eye Faithful: like you, we are STOKED for ULTIMATE MASTERS, and we wanna help you kick it off in true Third Eye fashion this weekend!

We’ve put together TWO awesome Ultimate Masters Draft Weekend events to help you celebrate one of the coolest Masters sets to come down the pipeline in a minute!

What’d we got in store?


1st up, is our ULTIMATE MASTERS MARATHON DRAFT, which also features the debut of an all new DRAFTING event at Third Eye: MARATHON DRAFTS!

We’ve kept this one under wraps all spoiler season long and we can’t wait any longer! Tis’ the Season for the Ultimate Masters!!!

Santa has come early this month to bring you all the sweetest early present! Starting this FNM we are doing our first marathon draft. It doesn’t matter if you are naughty or nice, we are drafting Ultimate Masters until your stockings are stuffed!

Not only that but grab your milk and cookies and get ready for our first Late Night Draft!

Then we will have fill and fire elimination drafts of Ultimate Masters for only $35 you get 2 standard packs per win, and the last drafter standing gets the box topper!

One more bonus the elves cooked up, pack vouchers won can be exchanged at a rate of 4 packs for 1 Ultimate masters!

When: Friday Dec 7th, first one starts promptly at 6:45 pm, registration 6:00pm – 6:30pm

What: $35, Ultimate Masters Single Elimination Drafts
8 player pods, fill and fire all night leading into our first ever Late Night Draft at midnight!!

Late Night Draft – $40, 3 rounds, starts at midnight!!
Pods like normal drafts

Prizes: 3-0: 6 standard packs, 2-0-1 5 standard packs, 2-1 4 standard packs!!!


And, then, on Saturday, we bring back THIRD EYE TURBO DRAFTS!

We know how much you guys love our TURBO DRAFTS, and as a special follow-up to our MASTERS MARATHON DRAFT, we’ll be hosting all day TURBO DRAFTS on Saturday 12/8/18!

Entry is just $35, you win you receive a pack of Ultimate Masters! Have 3 packs of Ultimate masters?

One of these bad boys is just $10 to play in!

These will be fill and fire 8 man single-round pods like usual.

When: Saturday Dec 8th, fill and fire, from Open to close! The fun begins at 11AM!

Last draft will be at 7:30pm

What: $35 or 3 UMA packs + $10, Ultimate Masters Turbo Drafts
Prize: winner gets a pack of Ultimate Masters