This Week’s Game Spotlights for Wednesday 1/23/19

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March your ‘Mechs into battle with BATTLETECH!

BattleTech is a longstanding rock-star in the science-fiction game world! Originally published 30 years ago, it is the longest standing universes in the gaming industry!

Its the dawn of the thirty-first century. You are a MechWarrior: master of a multi-ton, towering avatar of destruction that is the culmination of more than 3,000 years of battlefield technology development. A precious heirloom passed from parent to child across centuries, an unassailable mark of your station. Whether a soldier-of-fortune or a true-blue patriot, you drop into hot zones across a thousand worlds to expand the star-spanning empire of one of the noble Great Houses.
Each player typically controls between one and four mechs while sharing the board with vehicles, infantry, power armor, aircraft and other unit types. ‘Mechs vary greatly by mobility and firepower, and players can choose from provided designs or take the time to create their own ‘Mechs from scratch.
BattleTech has no shortage of ways to play, and expansions to keep your adventures running! With dozens of different map sets, rulebooks, and mechs to add to your collection, BattleTech is sure to keep you interested for the long haul.

Be the one to protect a dying world in CHAMPIONS OF HARA!

Beneath the roots, way, way down through the layers of what was, past the golden stove, and even deeper than darkness…the sky opens back up. At the core of everything, in the belly of the soul, you’ll find Hara. Look to it when you are tired, scared, or hungry. Call out, and it will find you.

In CHAMPIONS OF HARA, players do their best to save the world of Hara. They must contain destructive energy by defeating monsters, closing rifts, and exploring the six different zones of Hara. Players collect powerful items and unlock new abilities to fortify themselves for the challenges they face.

Players have two modes to choose from in the game – versus mode, where they can compete against each other in arena style combat the winner is offered a powerful blessing by Hara’s stewards: a single wish to shape the future. The other option is co-op mode – where players work together to overcome the fallout from the champion’s wish, facing off against corrupted foes and solving scenario based challenges.

Casual Thursday Magic Draft!


HOW TO PLAY: EASY! Register at the counter ($15) and once drafting begins everyone will get 3 booster packs of Guilds of Ravnica. From there everyone will build their deck one at a time from the cards pulled from those packs.

NEVER DRAFTED BEFORE OR BRAND NEW TO THE GAME? No worries! Drafts are a great way to experience the game and Third Eye JJ will be there to help you learn everything you need to know.

WHAT’D YOU GET? Well, obviously you keep the cards you pull from your draft packs and the chance to win extra booster packs if your new deck does well!

(wins/losses/ties = prizes)
3/0/0 = 5 packs
2/0/1 = 4 packs
2/1/0 = 3 packs
OR convert your packs to store credit

ANYTHING ELSE? Just one thing – make sure to be cool and helpful to newer players if you’re a veteran hanging out. We want to grow the MAGIC THE GATHERING community at Third Eye, and the best way to do that is to encourage and teach folks new to the game!

Get all the details you need here!

Pokemon Team Up Pre-Release!

Third Eye Pokemon Masters! We have a big year ahead of us, and we are kicking it off with a bang. Join us on Saturday Jan 26th from 12:00noon-2:00pm for our VERY FIRST PRE-RELEASE EVENT!!! The newest set for Pokemon TCG is Sun and Moon Team Up, which is due to release the following week on Friday February 1st . Get a first look at the new mechanics, pokemon, and trainer cards. Players will receive three booster packs of the new set at the end of the event!

This is a sealed event, meaning players receive a special Build and Battle Kit which contains 4 booster packs of Sun and Moon Team Up, a special promo card, and an evolution pack; containing 2 evolution line (basic, stage 1, and stage 2 if applicable) and some focused trainer cards to help get you started! Players will have 30 minutes to build the best 40 card deck they can. Then, players will play 3 30 minute rounds with 4 prizes, instead of 6, for chances at additional prizes!

Since this is our first one we have limited seating, make sure you preregister by following the this link, or sign up in-store before Jan 25th!

When: Jan 26th , Registration 11:00-11:50; start passing out product at 12:00noon , 3 rounds ending around 2:00pm

Entry: $25

Prizes: in addition to receiving 3 packs of Sun and Moon Team Up just for playing; if players win they will receive an additional prize vouchers good for 2 packs each round they win! Vouchers can be redeemed for any packs they want, that we have in stock! If players want Sun and Moon Team Up packs, they can save their vouchers until its official release.

Get all the details you need here!

Legend of the Five Rings!

Interested in the game Legend of the Five Rings!? We thought you might be, Join Third Eye JJ recent Legend of the Five Rings Worlds Championship Top 64 competitor and learn this wicked card game of strategy and skill. There are 7 clans to try out and we will have custom-made Intro decks for you to jump right on in to this amazing game! Players can expect an action-packed game where every decision counts. Challenge one another to duels of military might or political prowess in an attempt to win the Favor of the Emperor and claim Victory for your clan!!

Play up to 3 rounds against our veterans who are there to help teach you how to play!

Each round you participate in comes with Full art promos for the game!

Commitment Deal- Like the game? Commit to a purchase of more than 1 Core Set and receive 10% off your entire L5R purchase per additional Core Set. That’s a whoppin’ 20% off if you commit to the 3 core sets you will need to build your own decks! But that’s not all, this discount will apply to all currently released product for the game! We want you to have access to all the cards to make any/every deck you want!

Following this event we will have weekly play back on the menu starting Tuesday Dec 4th from 6:30-10:00pm Come out for 3 rounds of casual play with formal pairings. Of course our in-store intro decks will be available during weekly play as well, bring a new person and get them into this game!

Get all the details you need here.

Weekly Maryland Gunpla Club!!

The Maryland Gunpla Club is a place for fandom modelers and hobbyists, be it Gundams, Zoids, Star Wars, or even normal vehicles.

They meet every Thursday currently, and are a super nice bunch of Gunpla enthusiasts!

Click here for the event info.



Third Eye Pokemon League!

Hey Third Eye Faithful! The time has come, we are an official organized Pokemon League! What this means is we will now get recognition and support from Pokemon in hosting our events to make them bigger and better as well as some exciting new events like drafts and per-releases!

Format: Standard Masters League, check with our Pokemon Professor, Sam, about the specifics

Time: Thursdays 6:30pm-9:30pm

Once the supplies come, we will be giving each player a promotional card just for signing up!

Every 3rd Thursday of the month we will be having a league challenge, which is a competitive tournament for $5, with booster packs of the most recent set as prizes! Get a pack just for signing up!! Come out and test your skills as a trainer, have fun and learn from your peers about the wonderful world of the Pokemon TCG!

Click here for the event info.

Bring your Third Eye Juniors in every Sunday for our weekly POKEMON Junior League!

All right Third Eye Faithful, are you ready to be a POKEMON MASTER?!

This is your chance to put all your awesome GX Pokemon to good use and learn more about the trading card game!

Third Eye Andrew will be running demos for How to Play the POKEMON card game as well as answering questions and facilitating casual play between new players.

If you’re already familiar with Pokemon, come on out to play some casual games and help grow the community!

Of course! If you’re child has been collecting cards but wants to learn how to play the game this is the perfect opportunity! Same goes if you want to bring your parents into the fold and teach them all about the Pokemon TCG. Games are always more fun when the whole family plays!

No worries! Third Eye Ben will be there to help you learn how to play. We’ll also have Trainer Kits and Intro Decks available to pick up so you can play right out of the box without having to build one yourself!

No, today will be a casual event where players can hone their skills or start playing for the very first time. If you’re an experienced Pokemon player, come on out with a fun deck and help grow the community at Third Eye! The more players we get for casual events like this, the sooner we can run full blown tournaments!

Get all the info right here!

Every Wednesday Night is Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League!

Adventurers’ League is part of the Wizards of the Coast ORGANIZED PLAY network for D&D and provides a running story line where the players actions determine the fate of the world. Every season of AL builds on the one prior of the players actions or inactions. It is structured in such a way that players can drop in and out as desired but to witness and take part in the full campaign they should return weekly. With a worldwide community they can take their characters and play anywhere adventures league rules as follows. While there are some restrictions on character creation and rules variance, it allows a fair play across the board to allow the flexibility of travel and play.

If you are interested in playing AL at Third Eye you can ask questions or sign up for the wait-list at our online web portal.

“Famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm needs you to complete a simple quest. Thus begins a mad romp through the wards of Waterdeep as you uncover a villainous plot involving some of the city’s most influential figures.

A grand urban caper awaits you. Pit your skill and bravado against villains the likes of which you’ve never faced before, and let the dragon hunt begin!”-Wizards of the Coast

Click here for more info on the event!

Dice Masters Mondays: Slim Pickings!

We know that you’re all major DICE MASTERS fans, and we’ve decided to begin hosting a weekly Monday night DICE MASTERS event for you!

The Challenge!


Build a golden age team. The only thing is all cards can only have 1 die with them. Basic Actions will still have 3 dice.

Basic Actions: Golden Age


REGISTRATION: ONLY $3 at the counter!

(wins/losses/ties = prizes)
3/0/0 = 16 foil packs
2/0/1 = 13 foil packs
2/1/0 = 10 foil packs

4 ROUNDS(12 – 20)
4/0/0 = 20
3/0/1 = 16
3/1/0 = 13
2/0/2 = 10
2/1/1 = 10
2/2/0 = 7

5/0/0 = 24
4/0/1 = 20
4/1/0 = 16
3/0/2 = 12
3/1/1 = 10
3/2/0 = 8
2/1/2 = 6
2/2/1 = 4

REMEMBER: Our Constructed games follow Dice Masters Tournament rules. Each player selects a maximum of eight Characters or Action Cards, and 20 corresponding dice. They also select two Basic Action Cards. Constructed games are played at 20 life. Rounds last 30 minutes and then are judged based on life totals.

A player may not bring two characters with the same name, even if they have different subtitles (i.e. Wolverine: Wanted, and Wolverine: Canucklehead).

NEVER PLAYED? No worries! Andrew Miller will be running the event and can teach you everything you need to know to get started. Plus, many of our top players started not too long ago and love introducing new players to the game!

WHAT IS DICE MASTERS? Basically, it’s like a trading card game, but with dice! In Dice Masters, two players take the role of masterminds directing the actions of a team of powerful supers (represented by dice) to battle each other! Each turn, you’ll roll your dice to see what resources you have available, buy dice, send your team members into the field, and then strike at the enemy mastermind. Reduce the opposing mastermind’s life to zero, and save the day!

Dicemasters is a dice-building game (similar to deck-building card games) where players collect and assemble their team of character dice and battle in head-to-head gameplay.

Click here for event info!

Third Eye Commander Day!


COMPETITIVE PODS: 2PM-5PM ($5 entry fee)

Come out and join us for one of our favorite MTG play formats, as we continue to build up a fun and friendly community of MTG players!


From 11AM-2PM, it’s CASUAL EDH!
Come on out, warm up, learn a little about Commander, and have fun!

Get your pulse racing with our Competitive Pods consisting of 3 rounds @ 60 mins each. Once time is up remaining points are split among the remaining players.

Earn points based on placement in your Pod each round

12 points = 6 packs
10-11 points = 4 packs
7-9 points= 2packs
3 points (if no one drops) = 2 packs
OR convert your packs to store credit!

Click here for the event info.

HeroClix: Colossal Warfare!


Special 1000 point night! Bring your craziest team, the only rule…you must have at least 1 colossal on your team! Anything goes as we once again venture into chaos as Galactus faces down Infinity, and Fing Fang Foom gets wrapped up in symbiotes! This is the perfect chance to use the New Tri-Sentinal which comes out this month!!

New players: You not have all of the figures required for this event. If you are brand new and want to play – just bring what you have or you can borrow a team from me. I’d rather have everyone there and having fun than not be able to play!

Additional Info

Check the build restrictions to see if these aren’t allowed. Don’t see them above? Use ’em!

Modern age:

Golden age: All Heroclix figures accepted

Watch List is always Observed
Banned figures: wkD-027 Felix Faust

Equipment: Any in-game effect that uses the “EQUIP” wording (including older possession characters); any age

ID Cards: DC and Marvel ID cards; any age

Terrain: Game elements with special rules; any age

Special objects: Relics and Equipment; any age

Vehicles: Any size (check to see if vehicle is also a resource); any age

Resources: Anything labeled as resource; most not Modern (just understand that not everyone has them and some are over-powered)

Team Bases: Any size; not Modern

*ATAs, Feats, and Battlefield Conditions are not allowed*

House Rules

Be cool to all other players & have fun!

Please NO:
Profanity or abusive language
Outside food
Smoking or Drinking

Click here for the event info.

Third Eye Heavy Cardboard Crew Game Night!

Join the Third Eye Heavy Cardboard Crew!

Monday Board Game Meet-Ups:

Third Eye Faithful, we are super stoked to share our plan for regular Board Gaming Meet-ups and the amazing, Third Eye Heavy Cardboard Crew! Join Third Eye JJ and Third Eye Chris Richter for board game meet-ups, where you can bring and play any games you want! Every month we will feature two games and host a tournament for each featured game at the end of the month! This is just a chance for you to show your skills and earn a say in the games we feature next! Come out on Monday nights starting January 7th from 6:30pm – 10:00pm. Players can expect open casual play for as many games as we can jam before 10:00pm! To kick this shin-dig off, we are going to play two of the best in the biz, Smash-Up and Azul! As an extra bonus at the end of the month, on January 28th, come out for the Smash Up Titan Event! The winner gets wooden victory points for Smash Up!! This kit supports up to 8 players and gives participants 16 all new Titan cards to play Smash Up with! This is going to be one heckufva good time so sign up in store today!

We have even more to talk about because with the launch of these board game meet-ups, we are also going to do quarterly Used Board Game Raffles! This will help to curate our Demo Wall and avoid having multiple copies of every game we play lying about. Proceeds help pay for the extra copies of the next games we want to feature! And its a chance for you to score some rad, well-loved games on the cheap! Heavy Cardboard Crew members enjoy VIP status during these events and some starter entries paid for by their monthly dues!

Phew! Lets recap:

Board Game Meet-Up:

When: weekly on Monday nights , 6:30-10:00pm

Entry: $5/night -or- Join the Third Eye Heavy Cardboard Crew (membership, $25/month)

Details: Open Board gaming Play, 2 featured games each month, last week of the month a tournament is held for each featured game, winners have a say in the games we feature next!

Third Eye Heavy Cardboard Crew:

Perks: Monthly Game Trade Magazines (some issues include free promos!!), Free entry into Board Game Nights & a snack and drink included, VIP treatment at our Board Game Raffles: reserved front row seating, 3 drink/snack vouchers AND 3 entries into the raffle!!

Used Board Game Raffles:

When: Once every 3 to 4 months. First one’s date to be announced in January!

Entry: $5 a ticket, 5 tickets for $20

Details: Score some used games, which still have all their components and rulebook, on the cheap!

Get all the info right here!

KeyForge Dawn of Discovery League!

Keyforge Dawn of Discovery League

Tuesday Nights in February @ 6:30pm – 10:00pm Entry: $40, each player receives 4 new decks!

This league is designed to introduce players to all the amazing formats that exist inside of KeyForge. There are two modes of play: Sealed and Archon, each with their own unique strategies! The first two weeks of the league we will explore 4 different formats for sealed and the last two weeks we will try out 4 modes for Archon play. Just playing each week will get players swag, and each win will add tallies to our​ ​house victory tracker​! Each win scores a weekly 1 point for the 3 houses in that deck, we will combine this with the data from our two previous monthly events and find out which house will ​take over Third Eye​ at the end of the league! Not only that but players will have a chance to win a raffle for one of the coveted long playmats featuring the Wild Wormhole art!!

Join us on February 5th at 6:30pm​ for our first night and receive two of your 4 decks to play sealed with!

Interested in learning KeyForge?​ We have learn to play mats and can teach you during the league! The demo is free and then you are welcome to hop into the league at any time!

Click here for more info on the event!

Thursday Night X-Wing!

Thursday Night X-Wing!

Third Eye Faithful, we want you guys to check out the latest edition of X-Wing! They’ve added a ton of awesome stuff including the First Order and the Resistance! We are inviting anyone interested for Thursday Night Open Play! Join us on Thursdays, starting February 7th from 6:00pm – 9:00 pm!

Open to all skill levels!

VETERAN? Come test your mettle against local greats!

NEVER PLAYED OR BRAND NEW TO THE GAME? No need to fear, Third Eye Tad will be there and is happy to teach!! Along with a fun group of players, who are more than happy to show you all the ropes and get you started on your path to being a FIGHTER ACE in no time!

Come build a dream team and fly with your favorites from the Star Wars Universe in this fast paced and super unique tabletop game!

Click here for more info on the event!

Come join the game & have fun with us!

Make sure to click here and check out our full event calendar!