Sat 6/1/19: International TableTop Day 2019 at Third Eye!

Click here for event info on FACEBOOK.

It’s that time of year again, Third Eye Faithful! Time to get your dice-rolling and card-throwing on in a big way!

Once a year, we get to celebrate our love of all things tabletop gaming with INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY, and this year, we’re trying to make TABLETOP DAY even bigger than the ones that have preceded it!

We’re pulling out all the stops this year to make our 6th year participating in TABLETOP DAY extra-freakin-special!

Not only will we have all sorts of TABLETOP DAY swag, not only will we be hosting an epic sales event across our entire store, and not only will we be hosting TWO incredible gaming events, including our FIRST EVER Third Eye Cup event — that’s right, we’re making a trophy! — but, we’re also going to be breaking out a ton of fun new stuff for YOU, Third Eye Faithful!

New Third Eye playmats, new Third Eye Games shirts, and Third Eye Dice Pouches!

So, read on, Third Eye Faithful, and get stoked!

Save Big With Our Nearly Store-Wide Sale!

Ok, so you guys know us — we like to make these things even more fun than you know they’re already going to be, and we figured what better way to celebrate the awesome that is TABLETOP DAY than by hooking you guys up with some sweet deals!

So, for one day only, you can save 20% OFF on all board games, card games (excluding sealed boxes of trading card games), and role-playing games!

And, don’t forget: 15% off miniatures & MTG singles!

Get the all new Third Eye Games Summer 2019 T-Shirt!

Holy crap: is this design freakin’ cool or what? We put together a shirt that celebrates one of the most iconic things in our store: the 20-sided die, and we’re giving the first 25 of you who line up early for TABLETOP DAY a chance to score yours… FREE!

Not in the 1st 25? That’s OK! You can still purchase yours in-store on TABLETOP DAY!



Take part in our 1st ever Third Eye Cup event with the THIRD EYE MASTERS CUP – a sealed tournament featuring EVERY Masters Set EVER!! 

And, the winner takes home the Third Eye Cup!

We love doing big crazy things for our players, and this is one of the coolest things we’ve done in quite sometime — the THIRD EYE MASTERS CUP!

It’s a sealed tournament, limited to 24 players, and not only are you playing in a sealed tournament featuring EVERY Masters set ever… but, you’re also playing to win a Third Eye first: THE THIRD EYE CUP!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we have all the details on this made available, including the date that YOU can pre-register to play!

Wage war in our WARHAMMER 40K TABLETOP TERROR Tournament!! 

We love doing big crazy WARHAMMER events for our amazing wargaming community, and in celebration of TABLETOP DAY, we’re going to be putting together an extra-special WH40K Tabletop Terror tournament, which features a TON of awesome surprises!

Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK page for more info on this, including pre-registration info!





And just like years past, we’ll be offering tons of rad TABLETOP DAY swag while supplies last! While our pals at Geek & Sundry haven’t announced everything yet, we do know from last year that they totally deliver the goods when it comes to hooking up the swag!

This year, we’ll have some rad exclusive items available for purchase! Stay tuned for details on what!