This Week’s Spotlights at Third Eye Games and Hobbies for 5/3/19!


First off, Third Eye Faithful: the biggest POKEMON set in a minute arrives with UNBROKEN BONDS, and we know all our Pokefans are gonna wanna get in on this!

We’ve got plenty of booster boxes, theme decks, trainer boxes, and more coming in stock this Friday to get you hooked up!

War of the Spark Releases This Friday 5/3/19!

One of the best freakin’ Magic sets in a minute gets its official release this Friday, and we have an entire weekend of awesomeness planned to help you celebrate!

Literally, a Planeswalker in every pack, WAR OF THE SPARK is full of awesome from top to bottom, and as we found at last weeks pre-release: you all agree!

We’ll have plenty of booster boxes, booster packs, Planeswalker decks, bundles, and theme boosters in stock to get you hooked up, along with some extras like the new War of the Spark Playmats, Deck Sleeves, and more!

War of the Sparks Turbo Drafts this Saturday 5/4/19!

Not only will we be celebrating WAR OF THE SPARK at our Friday Night Magic event this Saturday, but we’ll also be doing a very special round of WAR OF THE SPARK Turbo Drafts this Saturday!

Get the full scoop on the Turbo Draft goodness here.

SO MUCH SLAANESH this Saturday at Third Eye!

One of our favorite demonic entities is getting the spotlight this Saturday, as Games Workshop rolls out a TON of awesome Slaanesh coolness! We’re talking the all new Hedonites of Slaanesh Battletome, we’re talking a ton of new models, including that epic Syll’Esske, and so much more!

Make sure you come see us to get your Slaanesh fix this weekend!

Help build our Yu-Gi-Oh Community with our Casual Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh Meet-Ups!

Every Saturday night, we’ve been hosting a special Casual Yu-Gi-Oh event, where folks can play with other Yu-Gi-Oh fans, and help us build a community to start doing organized Yu-Gi-Oh play! Whether you’re brand new to the game, or you’re a long-time player — we’d love it if you came out, and joined our growing Yu-Gi-Oh community!

Click here for more info on our Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh Meet Up!

Never played Magic? Just getting back into the hobby? Our OPEN HOUSE event on Sunday is a perfect place to start learning – heck, we’ll even give you some free cards to get started!

Been itching to get back into Magic the Gathering? Maybe you’ve never played, and have been looking for a perfect opportunity to start? Our special MtG Open House is the perfect time to do just that! Come by, get some free cards to get you started, and learn how to play Magic with our MtG Community!

Click here for more info on our MtG Open House!

HeroClix Mondays delivers a special Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Event this Monday 5/6/19

We’re all big fans of Heroclix, and this Monday night, our Heroclix crew are going to be delivering you a killer Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event that you do not want to miss!

Click here for more info!

Next Friday 5/10/19 is our next MEGA-FNM!

It’s that time again, Third Eye Faithful: we’re serving up a MEGA-FNM for you, and we’re stoked to get you some super-sized MTG goodness!

Get the full scoop on MEGA-FNM here.

Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Neostorm releases this Thursday 5/2/19!

We know all our Yu-Gi-Oh fans are pumped for the next set, and we’ll have plenty of packs and sealed boxes available of DARK NEOSTORM when it releases this Thursday 5/2/19!

Our next POKEMON League Draft is next Thursday 5/9/19

You pumped about UNBROKEN BONDS? We are too! And, we’re holding a big crazy awesome POKEMON League Draft next Thursday to give you, Third Eye Pokemon League, a chance to really dive in!

Click here for more info!

Our Keyforge: Chainbound Tournament is next Saturday 5/11/19

We’re loving the heck out of KEYFORGE here at Third Eye, and we’re so darn amped about more KEYFORGE that we’ve got a huge KEYFORGE CHAINBOUND tournament.

Click here for more info!