This Week’s Spotlights at Third Eye Games and Hobbies for 6/5/19!

New ROLE 4 INITIATIVE Characters of Adventure RPG Minis In Stock This Week!

This week marks the release of a brand new set of RPG miniatures to add to your favorite campaigns with ROLE 4 INITIATIVE’s CHARACTERS OF ADVENTURE line!

In this new line, there’s a TON of variety available for different character race and class combos to help spice up your favorite RPG games!

We’ll have the full line in stock beginning this week – so swing by and check them out!

Our MODERN HORIZONS Pre-Release is this Weekend!

We’re super stoked about the next big MTG mini-set, MODERN HORIZONS, and we’ve put together a TON of Pre-Release fun to celebrate!

Whhhhoooooo’ssss ready to RUMBLE!?!?! It’s the first time Magic is getting a direct to modern printing! The next installment of Magic the Gathering is here and with it we have our pre-release tour of Modern Horizons!

We have another first this time around with prerelease drafts!

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We’re all HUGE fans of L5R at Third Eye, and when we saw that we had a good spot on our calendar to bring the return of L5R to Third Eye, we jumped at it!

Join us on 6/16/19 and onward, for L5R awesomeness!

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Our MTG: Oathbreaker League Begins on 6/2/19

Hey Third Eye Faithful, we are super excited to announce our first Oathbreaker Leauge!!!! Join us on Sundays starting June 2nd at 2:00pm for eight weeks of slinging cardboard featuring your favorite planeswalker and a 60 card singleton decklist!

Curious about the specifics like additional rules, the ban list, and anything else Oathbreaker? Follow this link:

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