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Ravnica Allegiance Tour Pre-release: 12pm 2HG After Party @ Rix Maadi Guildhall

January 20, 2019

Entry: $25 per teammate ($50 total) “Made of bone and boiled in blood, a Rakdos signet is not considered finished until it has been used as a murder weapon.”-Rakdos Signet…

Ravnica Allegiance Tour Pre-release: 5pm V.I.P Lounge @ Orzhova Guildhall

January 19, 2019

Entry: $25 “The form of the sigil is just as important as the sigil itself. If it’s carried on a medallion, its bearer is a master. If it’s tattooed on…

Ravnica Allegiance Tour Pre-release: 11:30am Headliner @ Skarrg Guildhall

January 19, 2019

Entry: $25 “Gruul territorial markings need not be legible. The blood, snot, and muck used to smear them are unmistakably Gruul.” Gruul Signet Pick up your tickets here! Come dressed…